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Our Story


Mariposa is born from a dual language classroom rich in diversity where a teacher, herself a globetrotter and education advocate, witnessed the evolution of her kindergarten students’ language and hearts. It was through these children that Teresita reaffirmed her awe of bilingualism, the beauty of biculturalism, and the power of biliteracy.

She became a mother of two multicultural bilingual children and soon experienced first-hand the nostalgia that unites those who leave a fragment of their hearts in another land, but step firmly towards a resolution to pass on a legacy to their children: their language.

Through meeting other parents in Houston, Teresita learned quickly that the opportunity to learn in a dual language classroom was a privilege unavailable to most children due to zipcodes, schools’ lack of access to dual language professionals, and other reasons devastating to the reality of advantages that immersion creates.

Mariposa arrives with flexible programs to give all children the opportunity of learning through immersion, acquire biliteracy skills and preserve their heritage language. 

Mariposa commits to fostering empathy between cultures and walking hand-in-hand with globetrotter and multicultural families who seek to form empathetic, confident, and competent global thinkers.  


Our Mission

Our Philosophy


Our mission is to teach children the abilities to read and write in the Spanish language through culture-rich literature by using research-based methods and a culturally responsive approach.

We believe in the power of biliteracy when building strong and empathetic communities. We want to elevate our children and potentialize their contribution to our global society through culture and literacy.

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