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Mariposa’s library is a collection of a variety of multicultural texts and genres, including authentic Spanish and Latin American classics for families to enjoy in the comfort of their home.

We have been building our very own library for years and are excited to share a variety of books with you. Take some time to peruse and choose a couple. Whether Spanish is your first language or not, reading to your child in the minority language has shown to have amazing cognitive benefits that are transferred to other languages too.


Books can be checked out at any time and are due after one month.

Two books per child at a time.

A one-time $20/child refundable library deposit is due upon enrollment.

Biliteracy (n.)

Ability to read and write in two or more languages.​



A person studying a language who has proficiency in or a cultural connection to that language.

 Anne Kelleher

Schema (n.)

Background knowledge that helps learners organize and interpret the world around them.


Schema is essential to reading comprehension, as it helps the reader make personal connections.

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